Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Red lips that suit YOU!

I love love love a red lip, it has a real Hollywood glamour feel, and can make you instantly feel fab and more confident!

If you think you can't, or are a bit weary of wearing a red lip, think again.. As long a you choose the right shade for you, anyone can pull it off, and I'm here to help you find your perfect shade!

The Right Red for YOU!
There are so many shades of reds with many different undertones etc, so which one to pick?

Firstly you need to know whether your skin has Pink or Yellow (Cool or Warm) undertones. If your not sure, there is an easy way to tell..

Check your wrists or arms, where your veins are visible, if your veins are mainly green, then your undertones are yellow (warm) if your veins are mainly blue the your undertones are pink (cool). If your a mixture of both then your neutral toned!

Yellow (warm) undertones:
The best reds for warm undertones are Orangey Reds, Warm Reds, Brown and Golden Based Reds

My Favourite; Estée Lauder Spanish Red

Pink (cool) undertones:
Pink Tones Reds, Berry and Plum Shades, and Blue based Reds.

My favourite; Mac Russian Red - This is a Blue based red.

*Blue based reds will also give the Illusion of Whiter teeth!

*If you have small lips, avoid the darkest shades of red, as these will make your lips look smaller.

If your still not sure a red lipstick is for you, try a lip stain first, such as Benefit Benetint!

So go on get the right red lippy, and see how it makes you feel!



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