Friday, 30 March 2012

A great year to be British!

So 2012 is set to be a great year for us Brits, what with London hosting the Olympics and the Queens Diamond Jubilee! In such tough economic times, it's great to celebrate being British, and it truely feels like a sense of patriotism is being restored with such events!

To celebrate the upcoming events I wanted to do a beauty shoot... So here are the results...

Products used;
Mac Studio Fix mixed with Shu Uemura UV base.
Bobbi Brown Correctors and Concealers.
Makeup Forever HD translucent setting powder.
MUA Bronzer and Blusher in English Rose.
Mac Vanilla Pigment used for highlighting.

Mac Kohl Eye Liner in Smolder set with a mixture of Sleek matte black eyeshadows.
Shu Uemura eyelash curlers used and lashes set with 2 coats of Dior Show Mascara.
Eyebrows set and defined using Bobbi Brown Pencil and shadows.

Violent Lips Tattoo, set with Ben Ny paints.

Photography; Kaye Ford
Model; Stacey @ Leni's Model Management

Hope you like!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Ethereal Shoot at Hyde Park

Wanted to share with you one of most favourite's shoots!

Teaming up with talented Photographer Hannah-Beth Todd, we shoot this at Hyde Park in London, on a beautifully sunny September day.

Hannah has a beautifully personal photography style which really creates a mood a feel to the photos. We wanted to create something almost dream like, girlie, soft and beautiful.. Which I think we did!

How I created the look;

Base was soft, matte and natural, using Mac Face and Body, Makeup Forever HD setting power, and natural highlights around temple, Cupids bow, centre of nose, using Mac pigment in Vanilla.

Blush was Bobbi Brown in pale pink and slopes. Used lightly to recreate a natural skin hue across apples of cheeks and blended outwards.

Eyes were left very natural, almost a no makeup look, brows were naturally filled with featured brush strokes, and further brushed through with a clean brush. Lids were evened out with a Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ocre. Lashes were curled and set with a brown mascara on top and bottom lashes. A beige eye pencil was then used on waterline to brighten and open eyes.

Lips were the main focus of the look, OCC lips tars were mixed to create bespoke colours for each girl, pigment was then pressed onto lips to mattify and create a slight two tone lip on a couple of shots.

Hope you like!


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Photoshoot with Adam Goodwin and Kat @ Profile and Fords

Here are some images from a shoot I did with the talented photographer Adam Goodwin. Model is Kat @ Profile models and Fords.

For this look, I used Mac Face and Body foundation as the model had such beautiful skin. I wanted a fresh natural coverage so face and body is perfect. For concealing I used Bobbi Brown creamy concealers and a corrector for under eye area.

Blush was left natural with some contouring under cheekbone. I used Bobbi Brown blusher in Slopes and contouring was a matte Bobbi Brown eyeshadow mix to match models skin tone.

Smokey eyes were created used Mac Smolder eye pencil on upper and lower lash line blended upwards and outwards for a winged cat eye shape. I then used Sleeks Storm I-Divine pallette using the vanilla colour in the inner corner of eye to open up eyes. I then used the black colour to set liner on top and bottom blending to a gradual fade upwards and outwards. I then used the smoulder pencil on the lower and upper waterlines of eyes. After curling lashes I applied 2 coats of Maybeline volumising mascara in black.

Lips were left with a natural gloss using Vaseline mixed with a dab of Bobbi Brown pot rouge.

Hope you like!


London Fashion Week Feb 2012

Hi All,

This is my first blog post EVER! So I thought I'd start with a good'un and take you behind the scenes at London Fashion Week where I had the pleasure of working a few weeks ago...

The first show I worked was the amazing "Corrie Nielsen" AW12 show, one of the first shows kicking off London Fashion Week. My morning started with an early wake up of 4.30am, when I then made my way excitedly and heavy makeup kit in tow to Somerset House for the show.

Arriving and being ushered backstage to set up, the area was beginning to fill with dressers, photographers, hair stylist etc, all busily rushing to prepare the models for the show. The atmosphere backstage is always buzzing and filled with creativity!

The key artist for the show was Yin Lee, a super talented MUA, who designed the makeup look for the show taking into account the gorgeous Tartan adorned designs. After a briefing from Yin myself and my fellow makeup artists were off making up the gorgeous array of models!

The makeup for the show was..
  • A beautiful, flawless and fresh face, I used Mac Studio Fix with a few drops of Mac Lustre Drops.
  • Exaggerated peach/orange was used for a blush that extended to the temple.
  • Neutral eyelids - using a Mac Paint Pot with a very thin -barely there, eyeliner on the upper lash.
  • Lips were a bold red, made using a mix of OCC Lip Tars, Mac Paint Pots and a dark shade of foundation.
  • The face was finished with an adhesive lace applied to the models forehead, created by the amazing Face Lace -

The show was amazing and I loved every minute of it, and here are some pictures, hope you like!....