Thursday, 1 March 2012

London Fashion Week Feb 2012

Hi All,

This is my first blog post EVER! So I thought I'd start with a good'un and take you behind the scenes at London Fashion Week where I had the pleasure of working a few weeks ago...

The first show I worked was the amazing "Corrie Nielsen" AW12 show, one of the first shows kicking off London Fashion Week. My morning started with an early wake up of 4.30am, when I then made my way excitedly and heavy makeup kit in tow to Somerset House for the show.

Arriving and being ushered backstage to set up, the area was beginning to fill with dressers, photographers, hair stylist etc, all busily rushing to prepare the models for the show. The atmosphere backstage is always buzzing and filled with creativity!

The key artist for the show was Yin Lee, a super talented MUA, who designed the makeup look for the show taking into account the gorgeous Tartan adorned designs. After a briefing from Yin myself and my fellow makeup artists were off making up the gorgeous array of models!

The makeup for the show was..
  • A beautiful, flawless and fresh face, I used Mac Studio Fix with a few drops of Mac Lustre Drops.
  • Exaggerated peach/orange was used for a blush that extended to the temple.
  • Neutral eyelids - using a Mac Paint Pot with a very thin -barely there, eyeliner on the upper lash.
  • Lips were a bold red, made using a mix of OCC Lip Tars, Mac Paint Pots and a dark shade of foundation.
  • The face was finished with an adhesive lace applied to the models forehead, created by the amazing Face Lace -

The show was amazing and I loved every minute of it, and here are some pictures, hope you like!....

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